Tree Attachment Bolts & Hardware

The definitive resource for building tree attached structures!

Attaching things to trees is a mystery to most people. Sure, you may have screwed a small hooked lag bolt into a trunk for a hammock or clothesline, but the idea of balancing a thousand pounds of lumber in a tree with typical bolts from the hardware store gives you a little pause. That's probably why you're here. Great, this is where you can learn from the pros how to select the proper bolts and other supplies for each attachment point on your treehouse.

Treehouse Attachment Bolts (TABs) are the strongest treehouse fasteners available, designed to support thousands to tens of thousands of pounds in live trees. The exact loading limits are determined primarily by the species of tree, the placement of the load, the size of the collar on the TAB, and whether or not a "deleveraging cable" is used. If you have a background in engineering, you may feel confident enough to design your own treehouse attachment points, but if not, you should hire a treehouse builder or a treehouse supply company to advise you and recommend the sizes of the bolts you install. We hope that you will find answers to your questions either here or by visiting links to companies that can supply custom treehouse bolts, offer consulting, or direct you to other treehouse learning resources. Good luck!